1. Reusable Grocery Tote

    Reusable Grocery Tote
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  2. Spring into this easy Garden Flag tutorial!

    Spring into this easy Garden Flag tutorial!
    That's it! Here's our flags! Fabric used: WW-3052-5C-1 Sunflowers and Birds Fabrics used: Body: DT-4491-5C-1 Nursery Dots \ Ruffle: DT-4495-5C-2 Chic Chevron Bows: DT-3908-4C-18 & DT-3908-4C-23 Happy Dots DT-4492-5C-1 Rainbow Dots Kite: DT-3908-4C-22 Happy Dots \ Kite String: 74222-45 Solid Flannel Check out all of our wondeful cottons here Show us your Garden Flags on IG! #DTBlog so we can see & feature you! If featured, you will even get a nifty David Textiles, Inc badge to display on your social networks- sew awesome!
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  3. Bring Out Your Inner Unicorn With This Fun Fleece Hat!

    Bring Out Your Inner Unicorn With This Fun Fleece Hat!
    Who doesn’t love unicorns? If you have little girls in your life, we’re betting unicorns are very much a part of your life as snack time and playtime. And really, what’s not to love? They are supernatural, beautiful creatures we all wish we could have the pleasure of having. Well, now you can! With this Unicorn hat you can make your dreams come true and be a magical unicorn all winter long! First off, you will need a few things: * Basic sewing tools * Fleece scraps in a rainbow of colors, + 1/3 yard of white fleece * Batting for the horn * (Optional) Gold or glittery material like glitter knit for the horn * The patterns found at You’ll need to tape the pattern together, but then sewing it together is a breeze! There’s 7 easy steps that are so much fun, with the added plus that your little’s can help! Have them cut the mane (with parental supervision
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  4. Fabric Scrap Fall Wreath

    Fabric Scrap Fall Wreath
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  5. DIY Milestone Blanket

    DIY Milestone Blanket
    Find these and more beautiful Nursery fabrics on our website! *Throw is 50" x 60" and zig-zagged face to face leaving a small opening to turn right side out, turned right side out, top-stitched closed with an added decorative whip-stitch. *You can also use a pre-made blanket!
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  6. Happy Non-Profit Day!

    Happy Non-Profit Day!
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  7. 30 Minute Chair Pockets for the Classroom

    30 Minute Chair Pockets for the Classroom
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  8. A Blanket Roll-up You Sew Have to Try!

    A Blanket Roll-up You Sew Have to Try! It’s July and Summer is in full swing! Ah, Summer. The time for beach days, bike rides, picnics and getting outdoors for those ever popular nature and waterfront cinemas & events! Do you know what all of these things have in common? You’ll need something to sit on! And not just any old towel or old blanket will do. You need a beautiful one that’s easily portable and grab-n-go. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started! Things you’ll need: 1. Your plethora of fabrics. We used some scraps we had and ended up using 5 different patterns. You will need enough for a total of twenty five 12” x 10” rectangles 2. 60” x 52” piece of Vinyl/laminated cotton OR an inexpensive vinyl tablecloth like this one for the backing 3. Coordinating piece of ribbon measuring 44” 4. Sewing Machine/Serger, Scissors, thread and Pins Instructions Start by cutting 25 rectangles of your choice of various coordinating fabrics at 12” x 10”. La

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  9. The 3 Step Beach Wrap!

    The 3 Step Beach Wrap!
    The weather is steadily warming up! In Southern California, we’re going through an intense heat wave and it is hot, hot, hot! With summer making its first appearance today, what better way to prepare and celebrate for those fun beach days than with an easy to make beach wrap?! Follow these quick and easy steps, and you’ll be walking down that breezy beach with your girlsfriends in no time! 1. Sewing machine or Thread and Needle 2. At least 60 inches of fabric for a size Small, 2 yards for a size medium, 2.5 yards for a large, 3 yards for an XL, and so on (Add a half yard for each additional size above an XL). We will be working with the 2 yards for a medium. 3. Scissors and Pins 4. Bias Tape (store bought or make your own if you so fancy)
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  10. Mother's Day Gifts That Are Sure To Please

    Mother's Day Gifts That Are Sure To Please

    It’s almost Mother’s Day, and that means it’s time to map out and make a sweet gift for that special Wo[man] in our lives. Whether it be our Mom, Grandmother, Aunt, or other extraordinary individual that holds that coveted spot in our heart, here are a few quick and easy sewing gift ideas they’ll be sure to love! 1. A Pot Holder/Oven Mit Practical, simple and sure to be used nearly every day! Read up on for full instructions. Instructions show it quilted, but you can easily reduce this by omitting the quilting or doing a simple X via top-stitch. 2. A Wash Cloth This is a good one! It's sure to take you 30 minutes or less. Pair it with a soft robe & slippers or luxurious soaps and candles to give a useful, relaxing gift. (Hint: you can use our white terry cloth found at Walm

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