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  1. Mermaids Just Want to Have Fun

    Mermaids Just Want to Have Fun


    Our waves fabric + this free mermaid pattern= mer-made for each other! Fabrics: Print- DT-3795-FP-1 Heavenly Plush | Solid- DT-3714-4P-9 Aqua Anti-Pill Fleece Thanks to Megan Gorman over at for using our fleece fabrics to create this awesome mermaid tail. Not only is it a dream come true for us –ahem- adults (we can finally be mermaids!) but it comes in both adult and kid’s sizes with an additional little pattern to make it for your child’s doll! How cute is that?! We couldn’t check out her page and pattern without giving it a shot ourselves, of course., so off we went to our in-house fabric warehouse wonderland to find some other fun, colorful and cozy fabrics.

    And, voila! Here’s the final product!

    Fabrics: Print- DT-3820-FP-1 Heavenly
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  2. New Quilt Project Sheets Available!

    Our colorful and eye-catching Cotton Basics quilt will add a cheery splash of color to a bedroom! Featuring the Four Seasons Cotton Basics collection of versatile prints, available now at a great price of $4.35 per yard. With so many designs to choose from, you can add your own personal touch to our free quilt pattern! Download the Cotton basics pattern along with the new Harmony III quilt pattern found via the "Project Sheets" link located at the bottom of this web page. The Cotton Basics quilt, as seen here, was featured in our Spring Salt Lake City quilt market booth.

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  3. 20 Minute Dish-Dress Towel

    20 Minute Dish-Dress Towel

    This 20 Minute Dish-Dress Towel is quick and easy to make! Looking for a quick and easy gift to make this holiday season that won't cost more to make than if you bought it new at the store? (Yeah, we've been there!) Better yet, how about one that doesn't look DIY? Then look no further! This super simple dish towel in the form of a dress is a showstopper and conversation peice! The best part? You can tailor it to fit any occassion. Use a sweet floral for Spring, fall leaves for Harvest/Thanksgiving, a whimisical Christmas pattern for that merry time of year, or simply use solids to give your kitchen a pop of color. At twenty minutes, this towel can be whipped up today, and ready for dinner tonight! What You'll Need: 1. 1/4" yard of fabric of your choosing 2. Coordinating dish towel from the dollar store (or 1/4" yard colored Terry cloth, sold at your local fabric store) 3. 30" of ribbon of your choosing (almost a yard) 4. Print this pattern

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  4. Hello, Fall!

    Hello, Fall!

    Our Fall/Winter fabric groups are coming in full steam ahead just like Autumn! (Except here in California where Summer is everlasting!) Our increasingly popular #Native Spirit group is on the way to our warehouse which means they’ll soon be on their way to you too! In the meantime, we found this super neat project over on Join us as we marvel at this project’s versatility. Use it to organize anything from make-up, to sewing tools! For added fun, you could even Velcro a mirror to the back or add more pockets. The holidays are approaching fast and it’s time to think of gifts! This is not only pretty, it’s also usable! You can bet this won’t sit around collecting dust. Check out for m
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  5. We've Relaunched!

    We've Relaunched!

    That’s right, we’ve relaunched our Facebook and we want to celebrate with you! What better way to do so than with a giveaway! We’ll be giving away one yard of three of our most popular Rose & Hubble fabrics and all you need to do to win is as easy as 1..2…3! Like our Facebook page David Textiles @Davidtextilesinc Follow our Instagram @davidtextilesinc Comment on either one of our contest announcement posts on Instagram or Facebook with #ilovedavidtextiles and let us know what you'd make with these gorgeous gems! Contest starts today 9/15/2016 and ends 9/21/2016 @ 2pm PST. Winner will be announced on 9/21/2016 shortly thereafter. Good luck! We can't wait to give these fabrics a new loving home! Facebook: Pinterest is the world’s catalog of ideas. Find and save recipes, parenting hacks, style inspiration and other ideas to try.

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  6. Animal Adventure totes!

    Animal Adventure totes!

    Farm fresh cotton fabrics from Four Seasons are so versatile! Pictured are cute totes constructed from our Animal Adventures collection. Our sturdy and smooth cottons are so easy to work with. The possibilities are endless...

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  7. Let's Wine a Bit!

    Let's Wine a Bit!

    It’s getting closer to that time of year again! It’s Fall season, which means it’s almost Spooky Halloween time, then giving many thanks to Thanksgiving-and we all know the wonderful sounds and smells of Christmas Holiday! So…..Happy HalloThanksMas! With that said, all of the wonderful holidays means food, drinks and presents! When you do get invited to so-and-so’s house for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, and you bring that notorious bottle of wine to not show up empty handed, why not dress it up with a cute bag. We’re crafters, seamstresses, and the ultimate DIY-ers. We can do better! Have a look at this beautiful and easy wine bag you can make with scrap fabrics you have laying around (we all have a small stash of scraps, be proud)! And don’t feel like you need to limit yourself either; you can customize this to your needs. Whether you’re bringing soda, champagne or your amiable wit to the party, this little wine bag is sure to please! What you’ll need:

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  8. Introducing, Harmony IV

    Introducing, Harmony IV

    "Lot’s of bold colors with lighter variations, a full rainbow spectrum with a twist, and fun evergreen patterns you can use forever."

    These are the things that come instantly to mind when we’re asked to describe Harmony, our collection of quilting blenders that we come out with biennially. This year, we designed the new collection of prints for the new Harmony IV set for next year, and we have to admit it’s simply irresistible in every way.

    We’re here to give you a peek at the prints and colors you can look forward to, so, without further ado, here’s our Harmony IV!

    Do you love it as much as we do? We can’t wait until you can feel and see these cottons! With ten perfect designs in an array of lovely colors, this total collection of 60 options will impress you
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  9. It's Time for Back to School!

    It's Time for Back to School!

    It’s that time of year again! The morning is busy, busy again and the ever-long sun shining day is getting a tad shorter. We know what that means: back to school! Yes let’s take a moment to mourn that the summer season is coming closer and closer to a close, but let’s all get excited that school is (almost) back in session! And with that, let us intro the cutest little lunch bag ever with a matching pencil pouch for the kiddo’s backpacks. Best of all, you can whip out these two projects in a little over an hour. Here’s what you’ll need total for both projects: These pattern pieces. We will refer to them by number. 1.5 Yards of your Punks & Roses fabrics (or any David Textiles fabulous fabrics!) ½ yard vinyl in the color of your choosing (we chose white & used a linen as we did not have vinyl on hand, but this is for illustration purposes) 1-2-inch piece Velcro 1-8-inch zipper


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