Bring Out Your Inner Unicorn With This Fun Fleece Hat!
Who doesn’t love unicorns? If you have little girls in your life, we’re betting unicorns are very much a part of your life as snack time and playtime. And really, what’s not to love? They are supernatural, beautiful creatures we all wish we could have the pleasure of having. Well, now you can! With this Unicorn hat you can make your dreams come true and be a magical unicorn all winter long! First off, you will need a few things: * Basic sewing tools * Fleece scraps in a rainbow of colors, + 1/3 yard of white fleece * Batting for the horn * (Optional) Gold or glittery material like glitter knit for the horn * The patterns found at You’ll need to tape the pattern together, but then sewing it together is a breeze! There’s 7 easy steps that are so much fun, with the added plus that your little’s can help! Have them cut the mane (with parental supervision
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