The 3 Step Beach Wrap!
The weather is steadily warming up! In Southern California, we’re going through an intense heat wave and it is hot, hot, hot! With summer making its first appearance today, what better way to prepare and celebrate for those fun beach days than with an easy to make beach wrap?! Follow these quick and easy steps, and you’ll be walking down that breezy beach with your girlsfriends in no time! 1. Sewing machine or Thread and Needle 2. At least 60 inches of fabric for a size Small, 2 yards for a size medium, 2.5 yards for a large, 3 yards for an XL, and so on (Add a half yard for each additional size above an XL). We will be working with the 2 yards for a medium. 3. Scissors and Pins 4. Bias Tape (store bought or make your own if you so fancy)
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