This Gingerbread Girl Outfit is Perfect for the Holidays!

This Gingerbread Girl Outfit is Perfect for the Holidays!


If you know David Textiles, then you know one of our favorite things is seeing what our customers make with the fabrics they purchase. We got some photos this week of a cute outfit made from our Four Seasons Cotton Basics line-specifically the brown gingham-and let me tell you it’s cuteness overload!



If this doesn’t show that you are only limited to what you can make, we don’t know what will! Look at all the wonderful things you can make. Sewing is truly an art and you should be proud to know how! You are truly only limited by your imagination on the things you can create.





With the exception of our fabulous little model, isn’t it the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!


Christmas is knock, knock, knockin’ on your door and it’s time to think of those Holiday outfits! In a world where all the clothes at every store look the same (read, boring) everyone will be jolly to see something so cute and different in a sea of sameness. Let’s get into the Christmas Spirit and with this adorable Gingerbread Girl outfit!


Our customer advised she made this for her daughter’s holiday show and everyone loved it. So much actually, that she’s gotten offers to buy it from her! We’d say that’s a success!


What she used:

  1. David Textiles Cotton Basics Brown Gingham, about a half yard
  2. 3-4 yards of Tulle
  3. 20 inches of elastic (for her daughter’s waist size)
  4. Ribbon and pom poms for the embellishments (found at the dollar store and any arts & crafts store)

She made it apron style so it’s easy to put on and off, and paired it with some tights to complete the look. We think she did a fantastic job! What do you think? Will you be making this for your little girl this holiday season? We guarantee she’ll be the cutest Gingerbread Girl anyone’s ever seen!