Pocket Full of Kisses Pillow

It’s about that time when you go and profess your love to that one special someone! But what’ll really get you going is wracking your brain on what exactly to give them! Let’s face it, this happened during Christmas, and if you’re anything like us, you probably have one of those S/O’s with a January birthday that you had to buy two presents for; that’s double the brain-wracking and card swiping! But above that, you can make this for any special someone in your life; from your Mom, to your sweet Grandma, Teacher, or Best Friend.

Make them something with true love. 

This cute pillow serves many purposes and is so quick to make! All you need is:

-Two 18”x18” pieces of red Crushed Panné fabric (a little less than a yard)
-A coordinating fabric for your heart shaped pocket Click here for the one we used
-Thread & Scissors
-An old pillow to re-use stuffing or new pillow stuffing


1. Start by cutting two 18” x 18” squares out of the red Crushed Panné

2. Next, grab your coordinating fabric you’ll be using for the heart pocket and cut out 2 heart shapes on the fold using this pattern

3. Cut the humps off the heart from one of your heart pieces so your left with the bottom triangular portion of the heart like so:


4. Sew this triangular shape on top of your heart shape, aligning the bottom heart points together.

5. Sew the heart pocket centered on top of one of the 18” x 18” fabric pieces using a top stitch

6. Lay the remaining 18” x 18” fabric piece on top of the one you just sewed the heart onto, face to face, and sew along all four sides using a tight zig-zag stitch. Be sure to leave a small opening so you can flip the pillow right side out. 

7. Stuff the pillow to the amount of fullness you would like and close the small opening with a top-stitch. 



Umm....we'll take that Starbucks and Chocolate bar please!

Sew Creative!

And there you have it. 7 easy steps to create this adorable Pocket Full of Kisses Pillow! The fun part is loading the pillow’s pockets! Fill it with his or her favorite goodies, or a heart-felt note or letter! Get creative and have fun with it, you know your main squeeze better than anyone!

 The best part? It will be a super cute accent for future Valentine’s Days in your home as fashionable décor! And when your friends and family ask where you bought it, tell them you made it with

L.o.v.e in every stitch. 


Happy Valentine’s Day!