Mermaids Just Want to Have Fun





Our waves fabric + this free mermaid pattern= mer-made for each other! 


Fabrics: Print- DT-3795-FP-1 Heavenly Plush  | Solid- DT-3714-4P-9 Aqua Anti-Pill Fleece


Thanks to Megan Gorman over at for using our fleece fabrics to create this awesome mermaid tail.

 Not only is it a dream come true for us –ahem- adults (we can finally be mermaids!) but it comes in both adult and kid’s sizes with an additional little pattern to make it for your child’s doll! How cute is that?!

We couldn’t check out her page and pattern without giving it a shot ourselves, of course., so off we went to our in-house fabric warehouse wonderland to find some other fun, colorful and cozy fabrics.





And, voila! Here’s the final product! 







Fabrics: Print- DT-3820-FP-1 Heavenly Plush  | Solid- DT-3714-4P-16 Malibu Blue Anti-Pill Fleece


 We can’t wait to make these in every color and cuddle up on the couch this Fall & Winter! Are you going to give this a try? Make sure to hop on over to for this pattern and everything mermaid!

­ Love these fabrics?

 Waves from available on our website: or by calling 800.548.1818. Style DT-3795-FP-1-Heavenly Plush.

 Diamond print from our rendition available at or your local Walmart Store. Style DT-3820-FP-1-Heavenly Plush.

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