Let's Wine a Bit!


It’s getting closer to that time of year again! It’s Fall season, which means it’s almost Spooky Halloween time, then giving many thanks to Thanksgiving-and we all know the wonderful sounds and smells of Christmas Holiday! So…..Happy HalloThanksMas!


With that said, all of the wonderful holidays means food, drinks and presents! When you do get invited to so-and-so’s house for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, and you bring that notorious bottle of wine to not show up empty handed, why not dress it up with a cute bag.  We’re crafters, seamstresses, and the ultimate DIY-ers. We can do better!


Have a look at this beautiful and easy wine bag you can make with scrap fabrics you have laying around (we all have a small stash of scraps, be proud)!

And don’t feel like you need to limit yourself either; you can customize this to your needs. Whether you’re bringing soda, champagne or your amiable wit to the party, this little wine bag is sure to please!


What you’ll need:

  • A 24” x 12” piece of fabric for the outside
  • A bottle of wine/champagne etc to measure how tall you need the bag to be
  • A 3" x 6" piece of fabric
  • A 6" x 6" circle of fabric (for the bottom)

That’s it!


Fold the large piece of fabric over so the right sides are together, and length wise like a veritcal hot dog. Sew up the long edge using a sturdy zig-zag. Fold down the top edges about a 1/4", creating a hem, per-se, and sew using aneat top stitch so the edge can be finished.

Grab the circle piece of fabric and sew it to the bottom of the bag. Slow and steady wins the race here. Gather up any left over fabric towards the end (it should not be much).

Grab the small peice fo fabric and fold it right sides together, length wise, again, like a vertical hot dog. Sew up along all sides with a sturdy zig-zag leaving a small opening to turn right side out. Sew this to the top of large piece of fabric using a neat and sturdy top-stitch.


And before you know it... you have the finished product!


Fabrics shown here: WA-4156-6C-1 (outer fabric)

WA-4160-6C-1 (inner lining fabric)


Love these fabrics? Find them at www.Walmart.com or your local Walmart stores while supplies last!

For more fabric options, log on to www.davidtextilesinc.com . You’re sure to find something you’ll love!