Hello, Fall!





Our Fall/Winter fabric groups are coming in full steam ahead just like Autumn! (Except here in California where Summer is everlasting!) Our increasingly popular #Native Spirit group is on the way to our warehouse which means they’ll soon be on their way to you too!

In the meantime, we found this super neat project over on Haberdasheryfun.com. Join us as we marvel at this project’s versatility. Use it to organize anything from make-up, to sewing tools! For added fun, you could even Velcro a mirror to the back or add more pockets. The holidays are approaching fast and it’s time to think of gifts! This is not only pretty, it’s also usable! You can bet this won’t sit around collecting dust.


Check out Haberdasheryfun.com for more on this cool project, including sewing instructions! Until then, check out the one we made below using our new Native Spirit coordinates! It's to die for! 



*Fabrics available for pre-order on www.davidtextilesinc.com  or by  contacting our sales team @ 800-548-1818. order your fabrics today!

Native Spirit  ETA 11/2016!


And while you're visiting our website, be sure to check out Mystical Native (catalog pictured above)-a group designed by popluar demand with a Kokopelli vibe! Pre-order now, ETA 01/2017!