Happy New Year!

New Year’s eve is just days away, and if you’re like us, you’re celebrating in a big way! Maybe you’re even planning a NYE party and are looking for the finishing touch that will give you that “wow” factor for the night. Well, you can stop searching because you’ve found it! Amaze your guests by having this glittering back drop. It’s dual purpose-decoration, and can also serve as a photo-op area. We’re here to show you how it’s done and the best part is it will only take you half an hour from start to finish.


Things You’ll Need:


6 yards Gold Glitter Knit fabric

Scissors or rotary cutter

Marking pen & ruler

36-40” ribbon in a coordinating color


Begin by unfolding and laying out the gold glitter knit. Standing in front of it so it looks like a red carpet, grab the either edges and fold up to the other edges. Repeat this until you have a more manageable length to work with. Once you do that, grab your ruler and start marking out strips that are 2-3 inches wide. With your rotary cutter or scissors, cut on those lines to make strips.



Grab the ribbon and lay it flat on the ground. Then, working with your Gold fabric strips, begin tying them on the ribbon using an overhand knot (loop, swoop in through the loop and pull tight). See image below for an example.




Repeat with all of your strips. Once done, find the middle of back drop and cut the strips there horizontally to create more strips. Proceed to tie these as mentioned.

Wow, that was easy: You’re done! The only thing you have to worry about now is where to hang it and regarless of where you choose, no doubt your guests will be dazzled!


So pretty! So Metallicy!!!



Feel free to add embellishments like print out “Happy New Year” in a whimsical font and adding that to the back drop. If you have a die-cutting machine, or don’t mind cutting shapes out, perhaps cut out some mustaches and other shapes that can be used as props for your guest’s photo’s. The possibilities are sky’s the limit. Have fun with it, after all, it’s a celebration!



Happy New Year from David Textile’s! We wish you a Happy & Successful New Year!