Creative Customers

Creative Customers


We found some -awesome- projects while perusing  the internet yesterday (read: Google) and we just HAD to share them with you all.

From school supplies, bedroom furniture, apparel and more, here are some of our favorite things our customer’s have created from David Textiles fabrics, enjoy! 




With all of this inspiration, what will you create today?

Please feel free to tag yourself if any of the above items are yours!

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Festive Sugar Skulls makeup bag courtesy @thatssewsylvia | DT-4978-5C-2

Frida wallet courtesy @creameymas | DT-4387-4C-2

Owlies 'E'/Bandana portraits courtesy @everydaybeautifuluk | 

Paw Patrol book organizer courtesy | PW-4015-4C-4

Paw Patrol Car seat cover courtesy Lizsstitchesdotcom of Etsy  | PW-4020-4C-1

Paw Patrol Crayon holder courtesy frogblossoms of Etsy | PW-4030-4C-2

Princess/Prince inspired fleece courtesy @fleecefun | #DT-6113, available in over 20 colors

Dino blanket courtesy @yourfleece | Dot: DT-4044-MA-3 Dino: DT-4043-4A-3

Sugar Skull Lamp courtesy @kaleidoscope_of_designs | DT-2888-3C-1