20 Minute Dish-Dress Towel

This 20 Minute Dish-Dress Towel is quick and easy to make!


Looking for a quick and easy gift to make this holiday season that won't cost more to make than if you bought it new at the store? (Yeah, we've been there!) Better yet, how about one that doesn't look DIY?


Then look no further! This super simple dish towel in the form of a dress is a showstopper and conversation peice! The best part? You can tailor it to fit any occassion. Use a sweet floral for Spring, fall leaves for Harvest/Thanksgiving, a whimisical Christmas pattern for that merry time of year, or simply use solids to give your kitchen a pop of color.


At twenty minutes, this towel can be whipped up today, and ready for dinner tonight!



What You'll Need:

1. 1/4" yard of fabric of your choosing

2. Coordinating dish towel from the dollar store (or 1/4" yard colored Terry cloth, sold at your local fabric store)

3. 30" of ribbon of your choosing (almost a yard)

4. Print this pattern on regular printer paper




1. Start out by printing out two copies of the pattern. Cut and tape together. It should look like the below  image once taped. (the shoulders will overlap once taped. This is ok.)




2. Next, lay your pattern on top of your fabric and cut out 2.

(Hint: if you fold the fabric in half to create two layers of fabric, you can cut both peices at the same time). 


 3. Lay both fabric peices one on top of the other right sides together and sew all around the armhole, shoulder, neck and side seam with a sturdy zig-zag stitch. Keep the waist unsewn.


4. Turn right side out and fold the hem inward a 1/4" and iron to keep the hem in place. 


5. Grab the dish towel, fold it in half width-wise & cut. Sandwich one peice of dish towel in between the dress on both sides, keeping the hem you iron in place. Pin and top-stitch using coordinating thread. You're towel is 99% finished now, congratulations!

(If you used terry cloth, cut two 11" x 16" peices of fabric. Fold the edges of the fabric in a 1/2" along the sides and bottom and sew neatly in place with a top-stitch. Proceed to sandwhiching portion of above instructions)


6. Cut the ribbon to size of dish towel waist and sew in place on both sides. Make a bow with your left over ribbon and attach where you feel looks best.


And there you have it. The easiest, quickest, most adorable dish towel you'll ever have! Get crazy and add more embelishments to really personalize it. Add pockets, buttons, lace, ruffles, the sky's the limit! 


Make some for your friends, make some for your family, make some for your neighbors. Enjoy them! They're easy to make, beautiful, and will be used for years to come!



So cute!



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